PTSD & Trauma Therapy in North Vancouver

Are you haunted by thoughts of past traumatic events?

Do you struggle to connect with others because you find it difficult to trust people? Have you been feeling empty and lonely, like there is a void in your heart that can’t be filled?  Have you been wanting a relationship with a deep connection but have no idea how to open yourself up to someone?

Perhaps you were raised in a household with emotionally absent, critical, or self-centered parents. Maybe you have been in a toxic relationship having endured physical or emotional abuse. Or it may be that you are suffering unimaginably over the loss of a loved one.

Trauma manifests differently for everyone

Trauma often involves extreme and lasting emotional responses to abuse, abandonment, loss, or accidents that leave you feeling unsafe and unhappy. The effects of trauma reveal themselves differently for different people.

Maybe you are struggling with frequent nightmares of a past traumatic event. Or you may be experiencing dissociation, confusion, irrational fears, emotional outbursts, or the inability to concentrate on a task at hand. And perhaps you feel like you’re not good enough and are incapable of changing the way things are now. 

Experiencing trauma and living with its effects can make your life feel difficult to navigate. However, there is hope. Therapy at the  Boomerang Counseling Center can offer you the opportunity to heal from past traumas and enjoy a life where you feel present and comfortable.

Trauma is everywhere

Most of us have, at some point in our lives, experienced a traumatic event. And it’s normal to be concerned about situations that could affect your well-being or the well-being of loved ones. 

The problem arises when you become overwhelmed by intense emotions because of past trauma or when you feel stuck in the past and unable to enjoy the present.

Sometimes loved ones are at the root of traumatic events

Often, people don’t have to venture far from home to experience trauma of any kind. An individual can be traumatized when they’re being emotionally manipulated by a toxic partner or raised by parent(s) who made them feel inadequate. Even a child who is neurodiverse and doesn’t necessarily fit into the bracket of what society considers normal — therefore constantly feeling left out, misunderstood, and often misdiagnosed with ADHD — is exposed to a form of trauma. 

All of these experiences foster feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and self-doubt, making people relive these traumatic events daily. Without seeking therapy, the traumas they have experienced since childhood will keep robbing them of their peace of mind.

While you may be doubtful that you can recover from your trauma, with the right support, it is possible.Counselling can help you rid yourself of the hold trauma has on you and feel good about yourself again.

Trauma therapy allows you to heal your heart and feel adequate again

Often, people don’t realize the extent of how trauma has impacted their lives. For many, it is difficult to talk about their past traumas or trust someone enough to do this. 

In therapy, you have the opportunity to be with an attentive individual that will listen, sit with you, and allow you to be yourself. Someone who can offer sound advice and insight into your trauma to help you feel seen and understood, instead of inadequate or unloveable.

Our caring and experienced trauma therapists at Boomerang Counseling Center will work alongside you, skillfully guiding you through your healing journey.

What you can expect during trauma therapy sessions

Trauma treatment sessions are focused on your developmental history, relational dynamics, and interpersonal neurobiology. Our long-term goal is to help you achieve emotion regulation and a positive mindset.

In therapy, we will walk you through various skills and techniques that help you pinpoint triggers and find healthy ways to manage trauma symptoms. We use modalities that focus on relieving and processing fear in the body, recalibrating your nervous system, redirecting your thoughts and perceptions, grounding exercises, and even psychedelic integration, and breathwork. These teach you to pay keen attention to your body and recognize how it responds to trauma. Throughout treatment, our team of counsellors works towards helping you free yourself from past traumas and achieve peace of mind.

Trauma treatment approaches

During sessions, we use  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT), and Somatic Therapies when working with trauma.

EMDR therapy is a targeted and phased therapeutic approach for trauma that involves helping you safely and gradually reconnect with the sensory and emotional experiences associated with your traumatic experiences. This seeks to activate the brain’s natural healing processes, allowing for the adaptive resolution of the trauma. EMDR is founded on the premise that negative symptoms arise when trauma overwhelms the brain’s innate ability to recover and that bilateral stimulation, coupled with being in the safety of a therapist’s office, can facilitate and eventually complete the healing process.

We can also use DBT to help you acquire new skills for managing your emotions effectively. It combines in-session learning and homework assignments. The central skills taught in DBT include mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and emotion regulation.

Moreover, EFT is integral in trauma treatment because it increases awareness of emotion and enhances emotional regulation. It also helps us address the root of your trauma and can guide you to completely transform the negative thoughts and emotions attached to it.

Somatic Therapies focus on the visceral process of emotion regulation in the body and recalibrating the body to pleasantly experience moments of stillness, instead of the fear generated by trauma triggers.

Our treatment methods can give you a deep understanding of the body, how trauma affects you, and what you can do about it. And with the help of our wonderful clinical team, you can finally feel lighter and free yourself from the chains of the past to truly heal and develop more self-love, acceptance, and compassion. 

Maybe you still have some questions about Trauma therapy…

Will I feel like this forever?

Working with a therapist can help you to understand the fear and anxiety attached to trauma and help you gradually overcome it. We will offer you all the support you need to heal from your past traumatic experience and finally feel like yourself again.

What if a memory comes up that I am not ready for?

Your therapist will be there to help you through any discomfort and distressing moments. When working through trauma, things can get worse before they get better as you go through the negative thoughts and feelings that are part of your life. But it will get better. Through the therapeutic process, you will begin to feel lighter and free yourself from the burden of your pain.

You can get relief from your trauma and live life forward

Trauma can be one of the most painful experiences of your life through the constant nagging and reminder that reactions can be out of your control. If triggers, nightmares, troubles focusing, resentment/retribution, internalized pain, or self-loathing are impacting your life therapy with Boomerang Counselling Center offers you the opportunity to work through the grieving process and feel more comfortable within yourself.

To get started, please book a free, 20-minute consultation or call us at (778) 836-4772 for more details.

Therapists specializing in Trauma therapy

mental health counselor near me

Brandys Evans, MA, RCC


mental health counselor near me

Brandys Evans, MA, RCC


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