Life Transitions in North Vancouver

Do you experience stressors related to life changes and decision making?

Are you unsure what you want to do for a job or career, or struggling to adjust to a change in your life?

A life transition is anytime you experience adjustment or change that causes a significant impact in your life. Life transitions are a natural part of the living process. Some are planned like the birthday when you came of age, moving in with a partner, or starting a new job. Other’s are not planned like becoming chronically ill, the end of a relationship, or loosing a job or the loss of a loved one.

Uncertainty or change can be an exciting milestone, or an uncomfortable process. We feel safety when life is predictable and consistent, and unsettled when life is challenging in the way we think, feel, or perceive situations.

Why are life transitions challenging?

These expected or unexpected events can be stressful because they require a reevaluation of how we show up in the world. Life is changing from your usual routine which requires effort, time, and energy. It requires you to learn new things like how to relate, how to do a job, or how to live without someone or something you are used to. The process of learning new ways of being require energy that once went to simple daily tasks.

The stress you feel from change can help meet the demands of necessary adjustments. However, stress that continues over time can take it’s toll in your world. Stressors that continue over an extended period of time can negativelly impact you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Unexpected life transitions can catch you off guard, you can not plan for moments such as job loss, death of a loved one, or a pandemic.

If you find yourself struggling, counselling can help bring perspective and provide strategies and tools to help you meet the mental and emotional needs of manging life through your time of transition.

You can feel grounded through the changes in your life

Life transitions do not have to be excessively stressful. If constant concern, thinking, rumination and decision making are wearing you down, therapy with Boomerang Counselling Centre offers you the opportunity to readjust your thoughts and perspectives to effectively manage the changes in your life.

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Therapists specializing in Life Transitions

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