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Welcome to Boomerang Counselling Centre!

Life is full of struggles, even when you try your best and feel you can do better. Counselling with the right therapist can be the answer you seek.

We’ve been there and we know what to do to help. We work with anxiety, depression, relationships, neurodiversity (ADHD/Autism/LD’s), life transitions, grief, trauma and more.

We are a highly-skilled professional team of caring and competent Registered Clinical Counsellors who have struggled, suffered, and survived to provide you with tailored, transformative care. We look forward to working with you.

We offer reduced rate counselling services provided by masters-level interns at $60/50 minute session with evening/weekend availability.

Why the Name Boomerang?

For our brain to grow and thrive, we need access to another human brain that witnesses and validates our experience of ourselves.

The flight of the Boomerang is a metaphor that captures the neurological (brain) process of being who you are, sharing that you with another person, and having that other person witness and experience you just as you are.

When the witnessing does not happen and instead, another imposes who they think you are, or want you to be, the brain becomes alarmed. The alarm sounds because there is a threat; the brain needs that witnessing, just as we need air to breathe and water to drink.

When the witnessing does happen, the body floods with amazing chemistry and biological responses that contribute to motivation, growth, well-being, and feeling valued like you matter in this world.

At Boomerang, we provide that witnessing for you, and believe strongly that this is vital in any process of healing and growth.

If you look at the top 10 important factors to find a therapist, repeat rapport 10 times. What does rapport mean? It’s paying attention, trust, back and forth like, I’m doing something difficult, and I am doing it with someone helping me, paying attention and wanting me to be better. That’s indispensable.

- Dr. Paul Conti, MD

Boomerang Counselling Centre

We Can Help.

Boomerang Counselling Centre is focused on client approaches that meet mental health needs for healing and growth.


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What’s the Process?

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Is counselling right for me?

Counselling and Therapy help you work through mental health and life challenges resulting in decreased anxiety, increased mood, enhanced self-esteem and overall well-being.

Counselling provides a caring relationship with a skilled professional to work toward your particular challenges towards the changes you want in your behaviour, mood, thoughts, and relationships. Click here for a list of issues that we work with.
There are many different ways to do counselling/therapy. Each type focuses on various areas of change, including thoughts, behaviours, emotions, body/mind, and relationships depending on your situation, symptoms, and goals. Click here for a list of the therapies we offer.
The number of sessions required depends on your situation and your needs. At Boomerang Counselling Centre, we provide an online booking system to meet your counselling needs, meaning you get to help select and choose the times/days and frequency of sessions depending on what you are looking for. You can book a complimentary consultation to discuss your situation with the therapist to get an idea of what will work best depending on your particular needs.

Research shows that different approaches can yield similar results for the same condition or situation and that your relationship with your therapist is the #1 predictor of success in therapy. You can select a therapist based on a specific approach, your personal needs, or your comfort level. That said, results vary based on your specific situation. Click here to schedule a consultation with as many therapists that it takes to find the right fit for you.

We have a beautiful, welcoming space at Lonsdale Quay to meet with you in person, in addition to online and phone sessions. However, the initial consultation is done through telehealth or over the phone. Click here to schedule a consultation or book an in-person session with a therapist.

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We specialize in a variety of neurodiversity, behavioural, anxiety, attention, learning, social, and emotional problems. We also provide family support through parent coaching, counselling, and reunification.