Addiction Therapy in North Vancouver

Is a substance or behaviour negatively impacting your everyday life?

Addictions come in many forms including substances such as alcohol, drugs, food, phones, and behaviours such as gambling, shopping, exercising, and lying.

My definition of addiction is any behavior that gives you temporary relief, temporary pleasure, but in the long term causes harm, has some negative consequences and you can't give it up, despite those negative consequences. And from that perspective, you can understand that there are many, many addictions

Overcoming addication is a challenging task. Imagine being asked to climb a mountain when you have never used mountain climbing gear. Getting help with an addiction can feel this way, like an impossible undertaking, a mountain you want to climb but do not know how to begin.

At Boomerang Counselling Centre, our goal is to provide you with support and guidance through this process. Whether your addiction involves substances, behaviors or other challenges, our addiction counsellors at Boomerang are here to help you create an effective plan for moving forward.

You can feel better about yourself

You don’t have to constantly live in shame. Addiction work includes exploring the underlying factors that drive the behaviour in addition to supportive goal setting and working together with someone who cares. If the constant battle of addiction is wearing you down or causing destruction in your world or distance from loved ones, therapy with Boomerang Counselling Center offers you the opportunity to effectively explore these personal and sensitive spaces.

To get started, please book a free, 20-minute consultation or call us at (778) 836-4772 for more details.

Therapists specializing in Addiction

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Brandys Evans, MA, RCC


Cristina Higgins, MEd, RCC



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