Family Counselling and Parent Coaching in North Vancouver

Are you experiencing strained family relationships or behaviours? Are you struggling with the demands of parenting?

Family counselling

Family counselling or family therapy is an approach that works with the relationships within the family unit. Individual family members can engage in their own counselling, but that is not necessary with family therapy.

Family coaching looks at the family as a group, instead of individually. The family unit is composed of many interconnected relationships. These interactions are powerful as human connection is essential to meeting our basic needs for survival.

Naturally, there will be strain, misunderstandings, and challenges with communication and behaviours within the family system. Family therapy provides a space where each person can be heard and understood. This exploration of each family member’s perspective and experience, in an emotionally neutral space, can expand our understanding of one another and deepen our relationships with ourselves, and with each other.

Family therapy is a process that can help family members to work on nonverbal and verbal communication styles that help shift habitual patterns of relating and bring about welcome change.

Parent coaching

Parent coaching is when one or both primary caregivers, or other family members, meet with a therapist to learn about how to work with the particular needs of your child. The space is a non-judgemental setting utilizing psychoeducation and evidence-based strategies to navigate family issues related to your child’s particular developmental and mental health needs..

Parent’s do not come with manuals. Parent coaching can be beneficial for the parents who struggle to understand their child’s behaviours, or to implement tools and techniques that provide an environment or supportive growth and development. Implementing such tactics into your daily routines will inevitably help your family dynamics, your relationship with your child, and thie relationship with themself.

Parent coaching is directive, educational, and brief, establishing plans for behaviour with follow-up and support improving parenting strategies, communication, and fostering confidence.

Your family can experience joy you seek

Family life does not have to be excessively stressful. If constant bickering, stress, nagging, defiance, and staring are wearing you down, family therapy or parent coaching with Boomerang Counselling Centre offers you the opportunity to understand motivations and behaviours of family members leading to more cohesion and supportive family environments.

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Therapists specializing in Family Counselling and Parent Coaching

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We specialize in a variety of neurodiversity, behavioural, anxiety, attention, learning, social, and emotional problems. We also provide family support through parent coaching, counselling, and reunification.