Couples Counselling / Relationships in North Vancouver

Are you feeling tension, confusion or experiencing communication issues with a loved one?

Relationship counselling

Are you currently in a relationship, and you and your partner have trouble expressing yourselves without the situation degenerating into a quarrel?

Are you dealing with several disagreements with no solution in sight?

Have you noticed that the bond you both share is breaking off, leading to feelings of loneliness and abandonment?

Or maybe your relationship has been rocked with feelings and accusations of infidelity, abuse or addiction?

If you and your partner are dealing with any of the above or any situation that is putting significant strain on the relationship, you both need couples or relationship counselling

How Relationship Counselling can help

Relationship counselling is also called couples therapy which is a unique psychotherapy practice designed to help people improve their romantic lives and existing relationships. Suffice it to say that it is recommended for couples who want to make their relationship stronger or/and explore existing issues to resolve them. The key focus of relationship counselling is to:

Couples need not only to register for counselling with a certified counsellor when their relationship is experiencing strain but even in good times. It can be used to strengthen the relationship. Counselling benefits people in healthy relationships the same as people in toxic ones.

Do you want to improve the quality of your relationship? Do you need the help of a relationship counsellor to help you and your partner explore effective ways to strengthen your bond?

You can understand one another better

You just want to be understood. Conversations lead to conflict when you communicate and you can not seem to find common ground. If you struggle with blaming, jealousy, anger, withdrawal, resentment or other concerns that arise in relationships, therapy with Boomerang Counselling Center offers you the opportunity to be understood, develop skills for effective communication, and understand why things got the way they did.

To get started, please book a free, 20-minute consultation or call us at (778) 836-4772 for more details.

Therapists specializing in Relationships

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Brandys Evans, MA, RCC


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