Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming (EMDR) in North Vancouver

What Is Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming (EMDR)

EMDR is a psychological intervention that works beyond conscious thought. The process targets stored emotional experiences in the brain, the kind that cause us to feel before we think, and that are triggered and activated before we can do anything about it. These memories can have lingering effects and negatively affect quality of life. After an EMDR session, the emotional strength of the memory decreases in intensity and becomes less upsetting. 

EMDR is highly effective for children and youth who do not have years of life piled on top. EMDR is also desirable as you do not have to verbally recount your past. EMDR works to minimize the negative impact of trauma’s that ended long ago, but live daily in the individual.

Therapists Specializing in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming (EMDR)

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Brandys Evans, MA, RCC



We specialize in a variety of neurodiversity, behavioural, anxiety, attention, learning, social, and emotional problems. We also provide family support through parent coaching, counselling, and reunification.